Hairy armpits

Okay, so we were in class watching a short film about a woman who gives feminist talks to young women and struggles with relationships. The woman continues to go on a blind date with a man.

On the date, she is very reserved and isn’t your typical girl. We see the couple become more intimate and then just as things heat up - the girl excuses herself to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she takes off her tshirt and it’s evident she has hairy armpits. (She goes to shave her armpits and battles with the thoughts of “should I”, “shouldn’t I”, before going back to the intimacy).

Around the room, there were sighs of disgust at the hair. The people next to me were abhorred to see a woman with hairy armpits!

This infuriated me. More than half the people in this room are men, and probably have hairy armpits themselves.

In the film, the women decides not to shave. The story progressed and the couple became intimate again. As they take their clothes off, the man is revealed to have a hairy back. There was no reaction from the audience.

What is wrong with girls not shaving their bodies hairless? Many of us are shamed of our bodies when hair remains. We wax, pluck, shave etc, to feel normal and I guess… be sexually attractive.

We are made to feel disgusting when we do not conform to the stereotypical image of a woman.

This makes me so angry, the way that men and women have to be so different from each other. Why can’t we be equal with clothing, body image and feel happy with our bodies as they are?

(Personally, I hate hair on men and women and in some cases - I have to remove it. That’s because of my hair loss condition and how hair makes me feel - not because I find it unattractive or that it’s not normal for my gender.

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  4. eddle said: i watched the film too - and everyone laughed when they saw his hairy back. The joke isn’t that she has hair there. It’s about how much was there and how embarrassed she is - when at the start she says not to change for any man. You missed the point.
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    I probably would have ewwwed at the hairy back as a teen though… lol. I like mostly hairless people of both genders....
  13. moneypuppy said: This is exactly how I feel. If it weren’t for my disorder I would want to be able to go out with body hair and not be judged. Of course I have found that my need to remove all my body hair is judged just as severely.
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  18. madeforfunn said: It’s strange how something you can’t see most of the time is so important! I mean, how often do you show people your body hair (except on your head)?