READ THE PACKAGING CAREFULLY. - What a load of crap!

The big eyecatching yellow box misleads you into believing what you are eating is good for you. Then when you read the ingredients, you realise they’ve mislead you etc.

The writing in the yellow box says: We make them just like you would at home.

Who makes their homemade waffles (emphasis on the word homemade here) with calcium chloride, folic acid and riboflavin for example!? (I know they are vitamins, but when my family cook, we don’t add vitamins to the mix! What?!) Natural flavours?

The writing in the yellow box outlines their simple recipe, but misses out all the unnatural ingredients that put you off. Even if it does contain those things, it contains other things too!


I’m getting so worked up over the food here. The packaging on everything is so misleading - it’s disgusting. (This is just one small example, other products are much worse.) I’m actually craving a simple roast dinner, or even a portion of fruit. Eating all this fake food is not good for us.

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  1. foster-the-imagination said: Becca, you need to come to a simple country Pennsylvania home, we know that the mass produced food here is shit so we have our little farms and markets everywhere
  2. cynic-in-denial said: Most foods here are like that. If you could find a health food store, you may have better luck, but it’s also about twice as expensive, especially in the city…
  3. hollyhotdog said: 2% or less!? Blech! I get grumpy over the junk food here, so I wouldn’t do too well in the US clearly :P
  4. momoendo said: Well, you would have to make your homemade waffles with folic acid and riboflavin, because they are in (e.g) eggs or milk :) And the rest isn’t that unnatural. Some of them are used to maintain the flavour and freshness.
  5. shootthewendy-bird said: My grammar sucked in my reply. Sorry about that. Haha. I meant, most things people eat contain calcium chloride. Like cheese.
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  11. recrdholdr said: Aunt Jemima isn’t proper waffles nor proper Maple syrup. You need some real Canadian Maple syrup. Nothing better. Pre packaged stuff is made to have shelf life, with added stuff to make it taste good.
  12. dawndrawsnear said: Welcome to America. We sure are number 1!
  13. cream-and-stars said: calcium chloride is actually not at all scary, it’s just a salt of calcium (CaCl2) and is used traditionally in the preparation of tofu to make it firm. it adds calcium and helps deal with excess moisture.
  14. discoveriesand-imagination said: Yeah, it takes a while to get used to all the “fake” food. I mean, I’m in Canada, but you basically have to read the ingredients before buying ANYTHING. It’s irritating :( You do get used to it though, promise.
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